Artwork Specifications

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After your payment we return your proof for printing within 24 hours of submission. We do require an email confirmation, for acceptance of your proof. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Please make sure you check your spam, and return the proof with a confirmation, (this can delay printing).

It’s our goal to ensure your prints are beautiful!

Simply check the artwork files, to ensure, your prints are Completely Error Free.

Artists please Use a CMYK Color Profile

All files submitted by artists must be in CMYK. All of our printing process use a four-color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks. Please convert files from RGB into CMYK before submitting. Please watch this video for further explanation.

To ensure high-quality printing, all files must be submitted at 300 DPI. Files at screen resolution (72 DPI) are unacceptable. These images WILL appear blurry when printed. Note: Images ripped from the web are typically low-resolution, and are not intended for print production. If your file is too large to upload (or if we can answer any other questions), please call, chat, or email for further instructions. Or go to this link to create a smaller file

Please use the Following file Formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS.

Add Bleed at least 3% larger than specified size.

Upload Front-and-Back Files Separately

DO NOT Include Trim/Crop Marks

For more tips on large format design visit our blog.

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